Improv Jam – Thursday 17 April 2014

This week’s jam: Til Your Daddy Takes The T-Bird AwayFun

This week’s jam is run by: Parky

Don’t you just love cruising through the hamburger stand with the radio blasting? Forget all about the library and make the Indy 500 look like a Roman chariot race!

This Thursday’s jam is all about having Fun (cos toni-i-i-i-ight, we are young). It’s about those days where you let a woman lead you on a wild goose chase by driving her dad’s car like a loony. The days when your father yells ‘what you gonna do with your life?’ The days like your 16th birthday when you can walk into the chemist and buy a packet of johnnies for the first time.*
Anyway. If you’re not prepared to have fun, fun, fun (at least til your daddy takes the T-bird away), then this week’s jam is not for you. Leave your sad faces, terrible days and big egos at the door and come in for non-stop giggles and silliness.
(* the point of all this rammel is that these are songs with ‘fun’ in the title. You see what I did, there?)

Thursday 17th April
7.30pm – 9.30pm

The Corner
8 Stoney St



Gorilla Burger – Improv comedy show – Thursday 13 February 2014

Your choice: Laugh or listen to Sledgehammer on repeat


Peter Gabriel will be 64 years old on Thursday. If you’ve never heard of the former Genesis frontman, you’ve missed out on literally a handful of avant-garde hits including Sledgehammer, the bizarre Games Without Frontiers and Solsbury Hill: the best tune ever about a spiritual experience on a tor in Somerset.

If you do own a copy of the So album or you’re a massive fan of the humanitarian, this Thursday brings you two choices. You can sit at home and enjoy his obscure late 70s oeuvre (perhaps Peter Gabriel 2/Scratch from 1978?) or you can celebrate the great man’s birthday in style by coming along to The Corner for this month’s Gorilla Burger show.

Gorilla Burger is our jam show where anyone can get on stage and perform in a thrilling mix of comedy, inspiration and glorious chance.This is an excellent opportunity to shake your improv booty or just meet some folks and get a feel for what we do here in MissImp.

Tickets just £4 on the door. You should BRING YOUR OWN BOOZE (coz there’s no bar).

Anyone can play. Put your name in the hat and come up and do a scene (or a shortform game from the other hat if you like). We’ll pick names out of the hat and performers will get to try out playing with new people – or even playing for the very first time. No previous experience required.

This month we’ll have a short showcase from our latest batch of Level 3 students, a range of fast-paced names and games and a visit or two to a quaint village of your choosing. Oh, and you’ll also catch a glimpse of some big budget shows heading for the West End in the near future. You may even get to audition for a part.

Find Your Gorilla Burger Here:

13 February 2014

7:30pm (doors open 7pm)

The Corner
8 Stoney Street

Entry Price: £4

Minimum Age: 16

The venue is at the heart of the Creative Quarter, opposite the Old Angel pub (yes, that one off of the misogynistic Valentine’s Day rammel).


Improv Jam: Thursday 7 February 2014

This week’s jam: MMRWG

This week’s improv jam is run by: ParkyMMRWG

How many of your daily interactions with human beings are with just one other person? In the pub, with your family, in meetings, at work – most of our lives involve interacting with groups of people.

So, for one week only we’re going to throw out the ‘there must be two people in a scene’ rule. We’ll do loads of open scenes which will require three, four or even six people to make them work. Names will come out of the hat so you’ll be thrown into a Massive Multiplayer Real World Game (MMRWG) with a bunch of other people. And, as in real life, it will involve a lot of giving and taking and a lot of shutting up while other people are speaking.

Improv Jam: Thursday 7th February

The Corner, 8 Stoney Street Nottingham NG1 1LH
Entry Price: £3

Improv Jam: Thursday 23 January 2014

This week’s jam: Convincing

This week’s improv jam is run by: ParkyConvince

A lot of the improv we do is for laughs (not all of it though – you know who you are. Honk). However, for me, getting an audience to really care about the characters on stage is as least as  important as getting them to laugh. We only have to recall the very vocal and emotional reaction of the Unspeakable Acts audience when Tribuus died to know this.

For a part of this week’s jam – only a part, mind – I want us to concentrate on playing it straight. So, we’re going to improvise some scenes but we’re going to do them as a drama, and not for laughs. The aim is to try and play the scene as real as possible and avoid those silly puns and weird observances that we rely on for titters.

Then, if we have time, we’ll do daft stuff for cheap laughs. Boom.

Improv Jam: Thursday 23rd January


The Corner, 8 Stoney Street Nottingham NG1 1LH

Entry Price: £3

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