The Girl With The Jam Tattoo

Congratulations to all the players at Improv Sizzle last week (Lloydie, Carl, Marilyn, Geoff, Charlotte and Nick) – a splendid show full of silliness and laughs for the audience. 

Many thanks to everyone who helped out – David our superb assistant, Elliott on the lights, Catherine & Steve on the door, and to all the fabulous folk who helped us to break down the theatre. Well done James for fixing the lights after someone did their damndest to disable them. 

We are jamming this Thursday (as ever), 7.30pm at the Art Organisation on Station Street. Come on upstairs; if you’re running late and the front door is locked, call 07863122959 and go round the back of the building. You won’t get mugged, honest. 


Next show is The Day After Improv on Friday 27th August. 

Players – put yourselves forwards

The new website is up and running – players and regular jamming folk may submit a biography (of truth or lies, of interests, ambitions, history – whatever you like) to be added to the site on the MissImp People page. Any ideas about further content / amendments – please get in touch. 

Super exciting news for missimp to be announced soon…

Whaddaya think?

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