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Well there’s plenty going on in the world of MissImp at the moment.

The big news is that we’re going to have a second show every month soon!

That’s right – we’re gonna be kicking it at The Glee Club Nottingham which opens in September – woot, and woot again.

It’s a lovely new venue and will be home to the best of stand-up comedy and live music. It’s also a bigger venue with a bar and stuff and serves food and all manner of wonders.

This is a big deal for the MissImp team because this is a big, proper comedy club and we hope you’ll join us there for yet more improvised tomfoolery.

We will continue to do our last-Friday shows at TAO Nottingham as well, so don’t worry – the bring your own booze show will still be there.

The Day After Improv – Friday 27th August
Improv in the Dales – Saturday 18th September
ImproCop – Friday 24th September (start of the Nottingham Comedy Festival)
MissImp in Action – Wednesday 13th October

Lots of new stuff added –

Got a link we should have? Add it to the Comments section of the Friends & Family page and if it doesn’t suck, we’ll add it on.

Whaddaya think?

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