Our Kind of Jam

What ho. The jam is on this Thursday as usual – 7.30pm start at the Art Organisation on Station Street. Tip up on time, or be forced to beg entrance at the rear.

There’s a show this week! Yee-ha! In fact, there’s been a show pretty much every week this month.

Many thanks to all players and everyone who has worked hard to make the Glee Club Soft Opening and Improv In The Dales such successes. Bring on ImproCop and the Nottingham Comedy Festival shows (HR’d Day’s Night, Naked Ant Wrestling, Cast Adrift, 2x improv workshops..)! There is of course the joyous spectre of the monthly Glee Club show MissImp in Action beyond that (October 13th)!

So the plan for this Friday:

Players:     Nick, Geoff, Marilyn, David, Charlotte, Martin F
Assistant:    Rupes
Lights & Sound:    David Flynn
Door:    HELP!

General set up – any and all helpers welcome.

I’ll be there at about 4.30 to start putting the curtains up, someone to join me would be lovely (mega-hint)
After that, anyone else to help from 5.30 would be great.
All players present by 6.00 please
Assistant there by 6.30
Door folk 7.15
Doors open 7.30
Show kicks ass at 8.00

I’d also like to abuse this opportunity to promote my Captain Pigheart stories which are joyously available in both text and audio form from CaptainPigheart.com. It would be utterly smashing if you’d have a read/listen.

Whaddaya think?

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