Hey MissImpers

Friday’s show at TAO was awesome – and, would you believe it, our next show at
The Glee Club is nearly upon us.  Just 9 days to go, in fact.

This is where we need YOU!

Glee have asked us to provide someone who can do the door so, as with the TAO
shows, we need someone to be on the door.  It’s a little more involved than at
TAO as they have an electronic ticketing process, so you would need to be there
early on 10th Nov to get trained up (I’m told it is very simple, so don’t worry
if, like me, you’re not the most technically literate person).  Ideally, if two
people came forward for this task, it would be perfect.  Is that YOU?  (You’d
get to see the show free for volunteering, of course!)

We also need someone to do sound.  Do you have the ability to press play / pause
/ stop?  Can you select tunes for before / during / after the show?  Then we
need YOU.  Plus, you get a great view of the entire show for FREE!

Get in touch asap, and remember to invite everyone you know to the show so that
they get in on the action.


Whaddaya think?

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