Next week’s show at The Glee Club

Hi MissImpers

Here’s the line-up of players for Nov 10th’s Glee show.

Nick (compere)

(sorry if you didn’t make the final six.  I agonised for ages over it and went
for a mix of consistency from last month, the need for a bit more physicality
and partially based it on jam attendance too.  Hope I got it reasonably right!)

On lights we have Geoff

And, so far, on the door we have David Ferland McCollough (or David 1 as he is
also known).

We still need one more person for the door and someone to do sound.  CAN YOU
HELP?  Please get back to me if you’re able to help so that we can tie up these
little details asap and get all excitable about the show.

PLAYERS:  I’ll be sending out the list of games tonight.  It has been suggested
that we get there as early as possible so that we can, perhaps, eat together and
then warm up together so that we’re properly ‘on form’ by the time we take to
the stage at 8.15.  How are people set for 6.00pm?  I’m also suggesting that we
warm up and do some freeze tag on the Glee stage before the audience are let in.

Remember to tell all your friends… and remind them it’s 2 for 1 pizzas at Glee
next week (this seems to be exciting a number of people I know!)



Whaddaya think?

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