November 26th show at TAO

Hi all (possibly again),

Apologies if you get the same message twice, but this didn’t seem to send the last time I tried it.

I’ve now sorted out the list of players and helpers for the next TAO show at the end of November. As I said in the last email I sent out that successfully reached people, I want this show to be a mix of more experienced players and newer performers, so MissImp eventually ends up with a bigger pool of experienced performers. With that in mind, here’s who I’ve got doing what (apologies if you don’t end up with your preferred role):

MC: Steve
Assistant: Carla
Players: Trilly, Elliott, Dan, Nick, Marilyn, David, Lloydie, Carl
Sound – Geoff
Lights – Kelly
Door – two volunteers needed please!
General dogsbody – me (Charlotte)

Please email me ( to confirm you’re OK with what I’ve given you, or if you want to volunteer as a door person (I will probably end up being one of the door people). We’ll also need people to help set up curtains, chairs, etc, so please let me know if you can help with that. Normal dress code of black trousers and colourful t-shirt applies. I’ll email out a list of games shortly, but let me know if you have any favourites you’d like me to include (especially if we haven’t played them for awhile).

Over and out,


Whaddaya think?

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