Funhouse comedy gong show at the maze

Hello all, Elliott here.

Tuesday 16th November which is of course tomorrow night three members of MissImp Carl Jones, Steve Conlin and myself as my brand new character Harmonica Monocle Man will be competing in Spiky Mike’s Funhouse comedy Should I Stay or Should I Go? Stand up gong show competition at the Maze on Mansfield road Nottingham.

This is nothing like the ruthless gong shows at the Comedy Store that you may have heard about. It’s friendly! Around 15 acts compete. Each act gets a guaranteed 2 mins, after this point, lights flash and 5 selected audience members hold up glow sticks. If at least 3 are red, it’s time to leave (which really destroys your self esteem).
If at least 3 are green, then we carry on until they flash again approx 90 seconds later. (Lights usually only flash during pauses, not mid-gag) If we survive 5 minutes, then we are in the final, where we get one minute to convince the audience why we should win. Winners get £20 prize. We are in need of your love and support, doors open at 8pm and show starts at 8:30pm so if you can make it that would be awesome.
Tickets are £5 on the door or £4 if you book in advance or have a student card.
More details are on the funhouse comedy website at

Hope to see you there.

Whaddaya think?

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