TAO show 26th November – Games list and a call for volunteers

Hi guys,

Just over a week to go until the show on 26th November at tAO, and we’re still in need of a few volunteers. We no longer have someone to do lights, and we’re still in need of a couple of people to help out on the doors, plus volunteers to help set up curtains, stage etc, so please let me know if you’re available to help out! Either email me at thecharlotte@yahoo.com or let me know at improv tomorrow night. We will need people from about 5.30 onwards to set things up – I’ll be there as soon as I can, but I teach until 5pm on Fridays, so I may not be able to get there until about 6pm.

I’ve now sorted out the games list, so for players and anyone else who’s interested, here you go:

Whaddaya think?

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