MissImp in Xmas Action – Wed 8th Dec & More

Merry nearly Christmas all you lovely and beautiful people.

Titchy tiny update this week:

MissImp in Action @ The Glee Club – Wednesday 8th December. It’s the last show of the year, so expect some seasonal irreverence amongst the usual excitable foolishness. If you haven’t been to The Glee Club yet you really ought to and our bargainaceous prices are one of many awesome reasons which extend to the lovely 2-4-1 pizzas in the cafe bar downstairs. Book online and save pennies (go on, treat yourself). We’re looking forwards to it and we’re throwing 6 of our finest at the stage – Marilyn, Carl, Lloydie, Steve, David & Nick. Join us!

Other stuff that’s goin’ on:

Today (Sunday 5th December), our Carl will be on BBC Radio Nottingham with Amanda Bowman talking about improv and his blossoming stand-up habit. Listen live today at 5.10pm (103.8FM / 95.5 FM / DAB) or listen later on iPlayer. He’s funny.

Several other of our MissImp crew are exploring the stand-up circuit – you can catch Carl and Steve in this week’s show, and see Elliott in alter-ego Harmonica Monocle Man in Loughborough tonight (you can also follow that particular insanity on Facebook and hopefully on TV since he’s auditioning for Britain’s Got Talent next weekend!)

See you very soon – and if we don’t, have a wicked Christmas and we’ll see you bright and early in the new year:

Wed 12th Jan MissImp in Action @ Glee

Fri 26th Jan MissImp: The Future @ TAO Nottingham

Whaddaya think?

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