MissImp in Action ~ Wed 8th Dec ~ THE PLAN ~ https://missimp.co.uk/

Woo! It’s almost Christmas! But before that comes the vastly more important improv show this Wednesday, which is our only show until 2011.

We still need another non-incompetent person for playing with lights and sound under G-Man’s firm tutelage – please volunteer asap.

Ze plon

Players: Marilyn, Carl, Steve, David, Nick, Lloydie
Assistant: Carla
Tec: Geoff and WHO?!
Door: David 2 and Helen

If players can get there as close to 6.00 as possible we can all eat together like last time (which was nice and cuddly).
Warm up commences at 7.00
Doors open at 7.30
Doors close at 8.00
Show starts at 8.15

Dress code’s the usual for players – soft shoes, black trousers/skirt if you’re daring and bright t-shirt. Do we have Xmas hats to wear as little as possible?

Oh, and if you didn’t catch Mr Carl Jones a la radio at the weekend – listen to it now.

See you on Wednesday.

Also, the jam is ON come Thursday.

Whaddaya think?

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