*Nominations Required

Hi everyone,

It’s the last couple of days to get your nominations in for MissImp awards 2010! You can nominate ANYONE for ANYTHING, by either replying to this post (wherever you see it) or emailing me at nicholas.tyler@btinternet.com. Suggested categories of award so far include:

Funniest attempt at an accent
Longest staying power for questions only
Best preparation for ‘No Cheese Gromit’
Best jogging on the spot
Hairiest Improvisor
Best MissImp Moustache
Best MissImper who has been turned into a game
Most likely to be dancing at any given moment
Most improved
Most generous person to play with
Best overall contribution to a show
Best first show
Most offensive statement / show
Favourite recurring character

you get the picture…? Now get some more categories in and whoever you think ought to get them – and yes, they can (and maybe should) just be jokes! It’s not secret.

Plans for Thursday – end of the year drinking jam! In the absence of lots of suggestions we’re going with the first one that came to mind – meet up at the Glee Club by 6.30 and order their 2-4-1 burgers (an offer which expires at 6.45 – we’ll be sooooo popular!), and failing that time frame just eat something else. From then decamp to our usual and take over as much of the Company Inn as possible and drink to whatever level of excess you feel comfortable with on a school night.

As far as we know, the jams should start up again on January 6th. The first show is at Glee on the 12th! Get some advertising in!

Whaddaya think?

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