2010 MissImp Awards

After a gruelling nomination and voting process the following awards have been given for a variety of outstanding skills, traits and behaviours.

Awards came in the form of a unique certificate and being the first group to get their mitts on our brand new limited edition MissImp badges.

2010 has been an outstanding year for MissImp, we’ve expanded into a second monthly show in a prestigious new comedy club, our performer base has swelled like an excited elephant, and our jams have never been more fun or more filled with brilliant new people.

Roll on 2011!

Best Ability to Find Improv on an Uninhabited Meteor Geoff

Best Assistancy Consistency Carla

Best Childhood Genius Elliott

Best Filthy Laugh Pippa

Best First Show Trilly

Best Networking Achievement Helen

Best Person Turned Into A Game Rupes

Finest Accent Work (Sean) David

Most Bouncy Compere Nick

Most Convincing Jogging On The Spot Carl

Most Deadpan Delivery Nick 4

Most Fantastic Knitwear Kelly

Most Frequently Offensive Steve

Most Generous To Play With Catherine

Most Impossibly Genial Jon

Most Likely to Bankrupt Self for Improv Lloydie

Most Likely to Be Dancing James

Most Luxurious Facial Ruggage Dan

Most Relentlessly Cheerful Ishi

Most Ruthless Warm Up Instructor Marilyn

Most Sensitive to Diversity Martin

Most Sexy Letting Down Of Hair In Scene Charlotte

Most Willing To Step Up David 2

Whaddaya think?

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