TAO Show Jan 2011 (aka SOSOVOTS)

Steve’s Outstanding Success Of Victory Over Tao Shows is HERE!!!

SOSOVOTS is shaping up to be one of our greatest shows ever.

A character-based longform spectacular, SOSOVOTS will be a life changing challenge for all involved, but thoroughly rewarding for those that survive.

Players for SOSOVOTS are:
Signor Pepe
and Charlotte, provided she triumphs over her evil capitalist injury. If not, a replacement will be made. Sad face.

The luscious Carla will be assissting, but SOSOVOTS needs other wonderful Impatriots to make it the glorious winning of applause it must be.

Steve still needs lighting and sound persons, door persons, and help-set-up-the-room persons. Any volunteers?

Everyone involved in SOSOVOTS (players or otherwise) must be able to attend this week’s jam (aka Steve’s Jam Butt-Kicking Of Goodness).

Speaking of which, the jam is running at the usual time and place. Please be there on time, as we have a veritable shit-load of stuff to get through.

Have I missed anything? Probably.

Live long and prosper, Comrades.

Whaddaya think?

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