SHOW PLAN – FRI 28th JAN (sosovots)


 Here’s the Plan for the Show for the Friday…

 Players: Steve (Co. Comp.), Carl (Co. Comp.), Lloydie, Martin F., Signor Pepe, Dan, Carla (Ass.)
Door: Elliot, Helen.
Tech: James, David F.
Setter Upper: Steve, Nick, Nice people who turn up.


First Half – 1 Hour, 5 Minutes
Warm Up (Steve & Carl)
Bestowing of Characters (All)
Trigger Words (3)
Old Job, New Job (2)
Whose Line (2)
Insert Word Monologue (1)
Letter Replacement Therapy (2)
Emotional Distance (2)
Shakespearian Scene (2)
Insert Word Monologue (1)
Should Have Sung (2)
Genre Rollercoaster (2)
Emotional Rollercoaster (2)
Whose Line (2)
Naming the Soap Opera (Steve & Carl)

10 Minute Break (Players will retreat upstairs to quickly debrief)

Second Half – 45 Mins
Three 15 Episodes of Improvised Soap Opera (All)


 People kind enough to help set up would be welcomed from 5pm onwards. Do try to be generous with your time 🙂
SOSOVOTS is truly going to be awesome folks. See you there!

Whaddaya think?

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