Green Eggs and Jam

We are jamming this week at the Art Organisation on Station Street (or Hopkinson Gallery as it’s also known) at 7.30pm (as far as we know, but with the amazing communication technology available to us in this modern age we’re bound to find out if we have to switch to the old Police Station more than mere minutes before the jam). If you have any doubts or fears about that you should call 07863122959 for mind and body reassurance.

Coupla things:

1.    Massive congratulations to the players and assistants for last Friday’s incredible SOSOVOTS show. Stunning guys, very well done all round – sets a new standard for weird cool mixes of short and long form. Good on yer.

2.    Ever thought about organising a show or running a jam…? Well if you’ve performed before you’d almost certainly find organising a show useful for thinking about your own performance, and doubly so for running a jam. If you’d like to talk to someone about that I guess me, Geoff or Lloydie are probably a good place to start.

3.    Volunteers required! Desperately need help to go through footage from the last Glee show and SOSOVOTS to extract some good photo shots and the best of the scenes for bunging on YouTube/Facebook. You don’t need much – something like Windows Movie Maker and some patience is more than adequate. If you’re up for this (and can do it fairly quickly – say in a couple of weeks) that would be awesome and I’ll give you a disc with each show on. Go on, it’s for the cause!

4.     Publicity and advertising: we need to do more. We can print flyers but they need distributing far and wide! We also need a good breadth of web advertising too – any help again will be much appreciated. You can get show promo pics and blurbs from the website if you need them. Step one – advertise the hell out the shows below!

3 shows this month!

Wednesday 9th Feb    MissImp in Action @ The Glee Club Glee tickets
Friday 25th Feb           MissImp: The Future @ Hopkinson Gallery
Sunday 27th Feb         MissImp & Impsoc Team Up @ The Glee Club Glee tickets

Whaddaya think?

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