Damnably Exciting Next Two Weeks – Call for Players and Shiz

Alrighty dudes,

February has already had one show, we have three more… and need help and players urgently

NCF Comedy Variety Night (part of Nottingham Light Night     Facebook

Players needed
Friday 18 February · 20:00 – 22:00 @ The Hopkinson Gallery
We have a 20 minute slot in the night – so that’s a four player affair. I don’t know where in the bill MissImp are but it’s a slot in between stand ups, including  Mr Steve (Helen tells me nothing!). It’s all rather short notice I’m afraid, but with 4 players that will probably be about 5 games (tops), or a slight variation on an idea for the second half of the TAO show this  month. Should be fun! So – wanna play? email me now!

MissImp The Future      Facebook
Friday 25 February · 20:00 – 22:00 @ The Hopkinson Gallery
Tech & door needed
Players: Marilyn, Dan, Geoff, Nick, Lloydie, Elliott, Martin
Compere: Steve
Doors & Tech: HELP! email me now!

MissImp & Impsoc Team Up    Facebook
Sunday 27th February · workshop ALL AFTERNOON and then 19:30 – 21:30 @ The Glee Club
Players & tech & door needed
This is actually an all day affair – the plan is to meet up with the 8 touring Impsoc performers in the Lord Roberts pub between 13:30 – 14:00 and workshop play together till about 17:00, then eat and get to the venue at 18:00 to start the show at 19:30. We’ll be playing short form (almost certainly) and the idea is to take 4 of our players and 4 of theirs and rub them together to make static electricity, or something. It’s going to be great fun and is our first time playing with others.
Needed: between 6-8 players to spend the afternoon doing fun stuff, 4 of whom will then perform. No decisions have yet been made on what games to play or compereing etc. Also require tech folk and door folk (though I expect ImpSoc to stump up half of those roles too). We also need to find floors for 2 or 3 of them to sleep on – most have accommodation sorted through friends or family, but someone’s always left out in the cold. Sad. So – please volunteer sofas if ya got ’em. So: email me now!

It’s all a big ask, but the more we can put into this stuff the better! Please promote all of our events wherever you can – spot a website we’re not on (email me now or list it yourself), get those flyers out and on notice boards, intranets, forward Facebook invitations to friends… the works.

MissImp Blog
We’d like to start publishing a weekly blog post written by any member of the extended MissImp group (definitely not just players and workshop facilitators) to write 400-600 words on any aspect of improv and MissImp they want – could be ‘why I started improv’, ‘the rush of performance’, ‘my favourite game, why I like it and what makes it work best’, ‘how I think the last show went’, ‘what I’m doing right/wrong’.
It’s a cool way to let others know what we do, keeps our information fresh and interesting and is surprisingly useful for exploring improv for yourself. You know what to do if you’re interested: email me now!

Whaddaya think?

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