Hammerhead Jam

Yo ho,

Stuff and news:

Jamazing Grace
The jam workshop at the Hopkinson Gallery is on Thursday, 7.30pm in the conventional manner (you turn up on time, do stuff and pay £2. Sweet.) Running late? Sad face. Call 07863122959 and beg entry.

MissImp The Future: this Friday 25th Feb
Players: Dan, Lloydie, Marilyn, Martin, Geoff, Nick
Compere: Steve
Door: Carla & Carl (awwww)
Tech: James & Helen
Plan for players etc. will go to them directly.

MissImp & Bangor Team Up: this Sunday 27th Feb
Participants: Nick, Lloydie, David, Dan, Martin, Steve (plus two more secret names)
Compere: one of the participants from MissImp or ImpSoc
Door: one of the participants and a dude from ImpSoc
Tech: James & a dude from ImpSoc

Other Stuff
Need some more volunteers for:
advertising on line
editing videos & uploading them
writing some stuff for blog posts
reviews and quote mining – if you have friends or enemies who have been to our shows, or you have been to a show, those reviews and testimonials would be awesome

You know the drill: email me now

Whaddaya think?

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