This week is a good week!

Attention all Nottingham comedy loving humans and near-human animals, and people who live near enough to see comedy in Nottingham!

MissImp Live Improvised Comedy has TWO shows this week (yes indeed):

Friday 25th Feb we have the massive MissImp The Future: Live Improvised Comedy

In a similar vein to previous shows we’re giving you a first half full of short and hyperactive games, with a second half teetering on the edge of experimental long form. We’re sure to hit the mental bit. It’s going to be ace – we have Martin, Marilyn, Lloydie, Dan, Nick, Geoff and Elliott playing with Steve guiding them through. That’s at the Hopkinson Gallery and starts at 8pm.


Sun 27th Feb we’ve got the even more huge MissImp & Impsoc Team Up Comedy War

We’ve never played with another team before so the lads from Bangor are popping that cherry for us in an exciting show – we’re picking the players from each team only minutes before playing to create a divine fusion of comic wonderment. Also it’s at The Glee Club which kicks all kinds of ass, starting at 7.30pm.

Both shows require your attendance to fully enrich your souls with mirth and wonder.Also, incredibly they’re only £3 entrance to both of ’em. We love you audience and want your bizarre shouted suggestions.

Warm yourself up with a few bits from YouTube:

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