MissImp Mad March Shows! https://missimp.co.uk/

Well it’s suddenly March all over again, and just like February it’s a 3 show month, kinda.

First up – this Wednesday 9th March – MissImp in Action @ The Glee Club

It’s a full on fun-fest at Glee this week with a kickass team playing short-form games in the first half and a bizarre soap in the second. It’s all down to the audience – you give the players character names and let ’em run from there. Splendid cast: Marilyn, Dan, Nick, Steve, Martin, David. Sweeeeeeeet.

It’s £4.50 on the door, less if you book online, £3 for students and amazing 2-4-1 offers available if you start following us on Twitter


Friday 25th March – MissImp: The Future @ Hopkinson Gallery

Lloydie’s in charge of the £3 comic extravagansa this month, and we hear tell that not only can you bring your own booze to the Gallery, but they’ll be selling the stuff too from their new licensed bar. Also sweeeeet.



Sat 19-Sun 20 March – Star Destroyer @ The Nottingham Arts Theatre

Bonus show! It’s a PLAY! That dear chap Lloydie’s written a play, well – half of it. The other half will be improvised based on the wonders that audience decide should happen in the second half. Cool! All the details are on the link above. It’s peopled mostly by MissImp but has a cool West End director and Dee Whitehead from off of that Emmerdale thing! An exciting departure for MissImp and looks to be great fun. JOIN US.

No clips from super recent shows due to doing far too many shows and getting no YouTubey time. Sorry! Here’s a couple of favourites though:

Nudist Lighthouse Should Have Sung with Marilyn & Steve
Scared Scriptless, Film Mashup and a Pearl Necklace with a bunch o’ MissImps

Remember – follow us on Twitter for treats, join the (proper) mailing list and do the Likey on Facebook for additional love.

Wicked cool. Let’s see y’all soon.

Whaddaya think?

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