Eggs Over Chile: Glee Show Review, 9 March 2011

There have been many brilliant soap operas that haven’t attracted the audience they deserved. Falcon Crest. Eldorado. Albion Market. And now, to that list we can add the dramatic tale of torment, family feuding and goats: Eggs Over Chile.

Eggs Over Chile was the end result of Steve’s Glee show. The first half of the show created and generated intriguing, strange characters before the six players came together for an ambitious second half featuring three episodes of a brand new, only-ever-to-be-seen-once soap opera.

And my, what a drama! The story centred around a lonely little French boy, Bob Fettucine, and his ornithological quest. His attempts to conquer the mighty Mt Teed, Wales/Chile’s (delete as appropriate) highest mountain, in search of his parents brought him into contact with a group of strange, troubled characters.

Bob wasn’t the only one with family problems. Halifax III, the hermaphrodite father of Violin Soundboard – a man whose accent was as mixed as his metaphors – was forced to relive his/her tryst with Jezebel, the former wife of transvestite pop-up librarian Gervais Dracula. Cataract Pineapple also encountered plenty of sticky situations on the mountainside alongside Bob, his French brethren. And who is the mysterious cat breeding Barnabus Boomerang-Armhair, a stranger who, as his name suggests, kept coming back….?

With a twist and turn around ever corner, this Glee show was an interesting and plucky break from the normal game-based show. I preferred the opening half – the creation of character traits through games was hilarious – although I very much admire the ability of all involved to create a lengthy, narrative tale out of these bizarre creations.

Granted, it was a smaller audience than hoped, although those present were treated to another brilliant evening of comedy improvisation. Quite how the likes of limited talent stand-ups can fill the Arena whilst brilliant, quick comedy of this type can’t attract hundreds to the Glee club, heaven only knows.

Whaddaya think?

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