The Jam Ritual ~ ~

Ahoy hoy jammerating amigos!

The weekly jam is ON – Thursday 7.30pm at The Hopkinson Gallery. We’re almost certainly maybe in the usual room, if not there’ll be Facebookery and enTwittering to ensure you know we’ve moved up the road on the day. You know how it goes.

So what else is shaking?


  • W

    ednesday 16th March – NCF Comedy Night @ The Canalhouse, starts at 8pm and involves not one, but two of MissImp’s Nicks. Nick 1 is having his first non-improv MCing experience, and Nick 4 (aka Parky, now) is taking part in the Brand New to Comedy competition. Should be cool! Facebook

  • Saturday 19 – Sunday 20th March – Star Destroyer: The Play Where You Decide The Ending – a half-written, half-improvised play featuring a fair chunk of the MissImp performance team, written by Lloydie and starring Dee Whitehead from Emmerdale! Madness. Be there – decide the ending for us, make it good! Facebook

Share, share, share – see you soon!

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