Information about show on 29th April

Information about show on 29th April

31st March 2011 Jam – will be a run through for TAO show on 29th April. If you can’t make it to this jam, you can still be in the show, but it would help if you could come.

If you haven’t had a chance to get up on stage yet then you need to be in this show!The show format is very similar to Micetro Impro, invented by Keith Johnstone. It’s an elimination format, where only one improviser remains at the end. Two directors are responsible for the quality of the performance. The audience scores the scenes – NOT the players. This procedure results in good teamwork rather than ‘everyone for themselves’. Micetro Impro is a great way to mix beginners and more experienced players on stage.


The show format was last done by our group at the 24 hr improv and was called “Improv Storm” as players were ‘blown away’.


Don’t take elimination seriously or think about being eliminated when you are on stage. Think about playing the scene/game and supporting your fellow actor(s), enjoy yourself and the audience will too.

Please email with what you would like to do:

At least 12 players are required (14 max) – after elimination watch the show from the front, don’t sit in the wings. If the scene cries out for walk-ons or extra help you can still jump back in for a moment.

1 compere who doesn’t “play” in the show

1 Scorekeeper to operate a scoreboard which will be a laptop connected to a video projector

2 directors – sit in the front row centre or possibly next to sound and lights (Geoff & Steve)

2 box office – 1 person can play also

1 sound and 1 lights – lights are to briefly fade out or black out between scenes for 2 seconds approx


Stage is empty, house lights are out, then stage lights are brought up with a fanfare type piece of music.

Compere (guideline script)

“Good evening and welcome to Miss Imp at the Hopkinson Gallery Nottm and tonight’s show “Improv Storm” Can I ask with a show of hands who has never seen improv before? And for those who have seen Improv before, please clap and cheer!


Tonight we have 14 (or however many) improvisors waiting in the wings to entertain you. They are going to perform scenes with the help of your suggestions and our two directors tonight Geoff & Steve.

They will be drawing numbers at random to decide who will play next. Then it will be decided what the scene is going to be about. That’s when we might ask for suggestions for locations, occupations, relationships and other stuff – and the best suggestions may be rewarded by our lovely scorekeeper (name) with a Missimp 2-4-1 badge


At the end of each scene I’m going to ask you to vote on a scale of 1 – 5 how much you enjoyed the scene.

Lets say you’d just watched a scene you really enjoyed and you thought it was worth a 4, you would clap as loudly as possible for a number 4.


Let’s try that: I’ll say, is that scene worth a 1, 2, 3, 4 or a 5  (if they clapped for any other number than 4 explain again)

Lets say you’d just watched a scene that just didn’t do it for you, but you want to show your passion that you thought it was worth a 2, you would clap as loudly as possible for a number 2.


Let’s try that: is that scene worth a 1, 2, 3, 4 or a 5 ?  The audience should clap only on 2.


When everyone has played that’s the end of a round and the directors will eliminate the players with the lowest scores. By the end of the show, only 1 player will have survived the Improv Storm and will not only be basking in the sunshine of your applause, but also (play some game show type music) will win (some sort of silly trophy)


Now, lets bring on the performers! Please introduce yourselves.


Over to the directors now to call the first numbers” – (exit).


Directors – pick a mixture of games from the list and different group sizes from 2, 3 or possibly 4.

Even 1 is also OK for a monolgue, dear diary scene etc


Directors tell the actors which game they are going to play or an open scene and tell them what type of suggestion to get from the audience. It is the directors’ job to either interrupt the scene with a positive offer, character attribute or twist that will move the scene forward or help in some way. If the scene is going well, there’s no need to say anything. The scene will not be timed, but the directors should signal the lighting person to cut the lights when they decide scene has finished if the players haven’t found an ending sooner. When all the numbers have played once, they all go back in the hat. It’s traditional for everyone to play twice before any eliminations take place.


Compere – Be ready to jump back on stage as soon as each scene is over to get the audience score. The directors will handle the eliminating by looking at the score board. When there’s only one person left, arrive on stage with the “trophy” and ask the audience if you think (name) does NOT deserve this, clap now (the last player to be eliminated sometimes claps here). If you think they DO deserve this, clap now. ALL PLAYERS BACK ON STAGE TO HAIL THE WINNER Thank everyone, players, box office, tech, performers and audience etc etc.


Whaddaya think?

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