The Scarab Jam

Ahoy hoy,

With jamazing grace the world of improv lives on. This week – Steve’s the man/boy/beast in charge for the jam on Thursday. Usual deal, 7.30pm at the Hopkinson Gallery on Station Street. Be there. On time, you perilously tardy monkeys. See ya there.

Slight change of plans for the end of April show – no Improv Supremo this month, cos there are just too many people attending the Royal Wedding. We’ll do it in May instead! Woop! So, end of April is the normal run o’ things – aiming for fast paced, psychotically short games of the back to basics variety (no that doesn’t necessarily mean hookers, booze and corruption, not necessarily). So we’ll be needing playaz from the usual crew.


What else – well next week we have the splendid show at Glee! Wednesday 13th April.
This is a perfect opportunity to find some audience members. David’s compereing a show of wit and wonder.

Want to tell people more? Well, here’s some linky-dinkys:

Invite folk to the Facebook event:

Send ’em a “legit” web link to the Glee website where they can get discounts :

Whaddaya think?

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