MissImp Action: cheese, Latin, mother issues



Well, we had a fab show last Wednesday at The Glee Club down on Castle Wharf, and I thought it might be nice to blog about why it felt so damn good.

Obviously it’s a splendid venue with a nice big stage to stride about, and James & Rupes aced the tech stuff, but it’s easy to discount how much of an effect a good audience have on the players too.

It helped that the 5 of us (Marilyn, Geoff, Steve, Cat and i) had been whipped into a veritable frenzy by David, our compere and provocateur that night. A quick glance into the kitchen behind the Green Room before the show would have revealed the 6 of us shrieking about Blu Tack and jabbing Cat with an umbrella. An unorthodox warm up? It’s how we roll baby…

Geoff, Marilyn and I have been improvising together for the last 7 years, but in all that time I don’t think i’ve had as many fun scenes with the G-Man as that evening. Marilyn and Steve fall out wonderfully on stage; Steve cried in every scene of the first half. Hilarious. It was Cat’s first Glee show and the earlier jabbing definitely paid off: awesome Foreign Translator scene with a latin explanation of backgammon.

I really enjoy David’s besuited compere alter-ego, his gentle beration of the audience and the suggestions he teases out of the audience… Janet Treefort indeed.

It all helps, and it feels brilliant when it comes together like that. We alternated daft games with ‘open’ scenes taking just the odd words for inspiration.

I want some more, and I want some now. Good job we have another show on the 29th April. Yup, same day as the Royal Wedding. Well, have YOU been invited? Fuck ’em I say.

In other good news… We’re booked in at The Glee Club on the second Wednesday of every month until at least August! And a decent chunk of the MissImp crew are off to the Edinburgh Fringe this year with HR’d Day’s Night. Way cool.

Whaddaya think?

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