A Formula For Success

I thought it would be nice to stick all of the best scenes from the April show at The Glee Club. We had a dinky but enthusiastic audience who pushed all of our buttons as performers. We were also experimenting with a new(ish) show format devised in its beautful simplicity by Mr Science himself, David who planned and compered the show.

It seems straightforward enough – alternate the classic Whose Line type games that we know and love with what we think of as Open Scenes. Where the ordinary ‘short-form’ scenes of Word Count, Alphabet Game and Word at a Time Story have defined formats which help to structure a scene and provide the basis for most of the laughs, these are unconstrained scenes. There’s no hoping for a *bing* and switch of genre or accent. If you want those things ya gotta do them yourself. They’re both scarier and more exciting to perform.

The freedom appears to be paying off – the unrestricted creativity has been producing some lovely and often quite disturbing scenes. And that’s something else we’ve discovered as a group – we do tend towards the dark side. Never fearful of being really rather rude (if not downright filthy) we tend towards the darker emotions of rage and misery. Not sure why – it is fun to do though and oddly our audience usually enjoys it. I guess it’s a kind of schadenfreude – ain’t nothing like seeing someone else in pain as long as it’s not yourself…

So here are the best/oddest scenes. Please let us know if like them! (Warning: Steve ends up crying in most of them):

Bonobo Action at the zoo – Cat & Marilyn

Tears of Asparagus – Cat & Steve

A Lecture on Backgammon – Cat & Nick

Porta-loo Poetry – Marilyn & Steve

Stationery is Hot, Right? – Cat & Steve

Armadillo Burgers – Geoff & Nick

You’re A Fat Orange Thing – Marilyn & Steve

Two Little Pigs and Structural Engineering – Geoff & Nick

The Hubris of Wireless Printing – Marilyn & Nick

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