Improv Supremo Friday 27th May

My fellow improvisers, another exciting show is upon us. Get involved, It’s likely to be the penultimate show at this venue.

Friday 27th May – that’s 9 days time! At the TAO (aka Hoppy Gallery)

If you haven’t had a chance to get up on stage yet then you need to be in this show! This is a big ask, we need everyone!

Refer to  for a re-cap of what the show is all about.

Please email with what you would like to do:

1 compere who doesn’t "play" in the show, but needs to follow the format explained (see above link)

1 Scorekeeper to operate a scoreboard which will be a laptop connected to a video projector

2 directors – sit in the front row left of centre with lights console (Geoff & ????????)

2 box office – 1 person can play also

1 sound – lights will be operated by the directors

At least 12 players are required (14 max) – after elimination watch the show from the front, don’t sit in the wings.


Directors – pick a mixture of games from the list and different group sizes from 2, 3 or possibly 4. 

Even 1 is also OK for a monolgue, dear diary scene etc

If we only have 10 players, the show format will split into 2, with elimination in a first ‘half’ approximately.  
The second half to be filled with a mixture of open scenes and quick fire games with more experienced players who will can volunteer on the night.

Whaddaya think?

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