This week in the magical improv land of MissImp



It’s a show week! Oh yeah! This Friday, 27th May at The Hopkinson Gallery on Station Street in Nottingham will see twelve of our players compete in MISSIMP SUPREMO. We’re bundling up a bunch of our usual players with host of regulars from the MissImp weekly ImprovJam.

It’s going to be an exciting show for all of us, we’ve only occasionally played competitive formats and the emphasis here is wholly on the FUN. The audience will get to score the scenes and we’ll be eliminating players as them points start to stack up (in a loving and applausey way). Even better, we’re doing it twice! We’ll have two winners (probably) to whoop and cheer at.

For the new folk it’s going to be awesome and terrifying in roughly equal measure, so when you come to the show, be nice; it’s not easy to get up in front of an audience and make stuff up out of nowhere.

So whaddya get as an audience member? Besides this being like, the best value comedy night in Nottingham, you’ll have 12 dudes and dudettes to amuse you with their wit and weirdness while you drink whatever you can put in a bag! How can that possibly sound more awesome?

Oh, in a slight moue of discontent, this is our penultimate show at The Hopkinson Gallery – our final show will be at the end of June. After that the space will be repurposed as an antique craft and art showroom. Which sucks. Don’t worry though, we’re still at The Glee Club on the 2nd Wednesday of every month. We’ll be on the hunt for new venues and opportunities. If you have any bright ideas don’t hesitate to let us know:

In the ImprovJam this Thursday we’ll be working on group mind and listening. Mastery of these things will equal stunning comedy scenes. That’s a good plan.

Wicked, see y’all soon.

Bonus: check out this podcast on the grammatical secrets to punnish jokery from the great ABC network show Ockham’s Razor:

Whaddaya think?

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