MissImp Doin’ Our Thing

This week is a show week, which is always cause for great excitement in the MissImp community. We’re playing at The Glee Club Nottingham again tomorrow, which is a great venue. The stage is big, the room has chairs and people and lights, and – look it’s really nice to be in okay. It feels homely. And we get a green room. With FREE boiling water: awesome.

It feels especially exciting because we’re fielding the same team we did last month. This is not an opportunity we get often because we have so many great, cool and funny folks to put on stage that sometimes the rotation can get pretty severe. So it’s a rare treat to be able to play with David, Marilyn, Lloydie, Martin and Cat again. It worked out well last month, so we have high hopes for comedic weirdness and shards of explosive brilliance.

Missed last month? Crazy talk. You should get your arse to Glee, pronto. Now, cos we loves ya there’s a special 2-4-1 entry code you can use online to book tickets, or (I guess) you can use on the door – stick MISSIMP02 (yep, that’s a zero) in the box when it asks for one.

Anyhoo, we look forwards to entertaining you tomorrow – spread the word, bring your dudes and dudettes!

Whaddaya think?

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