Boom! Last Show At TAO Friday 24th June!

Big sad news… for the last two years we’ve had a show at The Hopkinson Gallery (the Art Organisation) on the last Friday of every month. So it’s a terrible thing to announce, but this month’s show on Friday 24th June will be the last! Horrid, horrid change! The space we use for the shows is being repurposed as the Hopkinson becomes an antique/craft show/salesroom. Boo. Oh well, we wish the Hopkinson all good fortune in their business endeavours and we will continue to have our weekly improv jam workshops upstairs.

Time for a MissImp recap – after the old Mission Improbable team drifted apart it all came back together in 2008 when we moved the jam to the Art Organisation from the Nottingham Arts Theatre. That re-ignited Nottingham improv and we picked up new folk at a rate of knots – enough that we could start our monthly shows in December 2008. Since then we’ve created some amazing shows, developed remarkable performers and MissImp is more awesome than ever. In that lovely big space we’ve done 31 monthly shows, a longform experiment (Cast Adrift) and 24-Hour Improv. It’s been wicked.

We’re going out with a bang next Friday in MissImp Finale. We have almost all of our performance team delivering two hours of our favourite theatre-sports games – wild and wacky action!

For a while afterwards we’ll have only the Glee show MissImp in Action to keep us sharp and funny and it’ll be great to see our regular crowd in that splendid sleek space.

We treasure our fabulous TAO audience so if you give us names and your email addresses on the 24th we’ll put you on the FREE entry guest list at the Glee show on Wednesday 13th July.

We’re seeking out new venues and new show opportunities alongside Glee and we’ll keep you posted. (If you have a venue or opportunity please let us know!)

Whaddaya think?

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