All Change Please!

Wow, we don’t have a week going by without some cool news at the moment. Last week we were all kinda despondent because we were losing our end of the month show at The Hopkinson Gallery, this week it’s all change again! Thanks for coming to MissImp Finale, it was a really fun show with some stupidly high energy action – if you did then you probably already know what’s coming…

Great news!

Our super-buddies at The Glee Club have been astoundingly cool and we’re now moving our mid-month Glee show to the last Friday of the month – starting on July 29th!

It’s the best of all possible solutions for us, and hopefully for our audience. It’s a venue we love to play in, and we must confess it’s convenient too. We don’t have to set up the stage or put it all away afterwards, so all of our energy will be focused like an improv laser on the audience. The show also starts slightly earlier now, at 7.30 and so will also finish a bit earlier at 9.30. That equals drinking extra and jabbering time folks. Victory for all!

The Glee ClubWe’re somewhat over-excited about the move and we hope you are too. Sounds like there are some other possible bonuses – you can pre-order food to eat during the show or eat beforehand. Their food is well tasty. We’re looking forwards to taking advantage of it.

Edinburgh Free Fringe

HR'd Day's Night - 13th - 20th AugWe’re also sending a play up to the Edinburgh Free Fringe this year – HR’d Day’s Night, written by Lloydie with him, Cat, Marilyn and Steve in it! It’s funny and if you’re up there you should go and see it. It’s free. Send others! A good chunk of MissImp will be at the Fringe between 13-22nd August so if you want to meet up or invite us to a show, let us know. Follow HR’d Day’s Night on Twitter, if you like.

We want to touch you…

If you don’t already follow us on Twitter or Facebook, you should. You can get on the free guest list and stuff… worth a click we reckon. You can also befriend us on Facebook if you’re slightly braver, join the mailing list and subscribe to the website for updates. Any or all!

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