MissImp Podcast and More

MissImp Podcast

MissImp Podcast

Well, it’s finally available – yes, not content with shows, jams and bar room babbling we’re now tossing our spoken words out into the ether for you to enjoy. It’s just Lloydie and me for the first one, talking about MissImp, how terrible TV improv is and how wonderful audiences can be. It’s only taken a few weeks to get online

The first MissImp podcast can be downloaded directly from this here linky, or listened to online as you prefer. Why not subscribe to the feed and never miss our impro-jabber again. At some point it will also be available on iTunes (we’ll let you know).


Future recordings will feature more discussions about improv theory, interviews (get in line) and potentially witty musings. We hope you enjoy it and share it with other folk who you think might enjoy it too.

HR’d Day’s Night at the Fringe

In other exciting news – about half of the MissImp performance team is at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this week. Lloydie‘s written a lovely funny play about HR bastardy and terrible cabaret which Martin‘s directed and they’ve shipped it off to the golden streets of the Fringe. It’s playing from 13th – 20th August at 2.30pm at Laughing Horse @ The Counting House. Even better it’s part of the FREE Fringe, so you only pay if you want to. You should really, but it’s entirely up to you. It’s also got some of our finest performers in it – Marilyn, Lloydie and Steve plus Tim, Rhiannon and Yvonne (who are offcomers but we like them too).

There are also a bunch of us up there purely for our own entertainment! If anyone needs a few improvisors for their show… drop us a Tweet or an email or something. Mr Carl Jones will be plying his treacherous stand-up trade at open mic slots too – if you get a chance to see him, do.

Whaddaya think?

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