MissImp Podcast Episode 2!

Okay, so it’s actually been up for a week now. Oops. Not to worry though, it looks like quite a few people have downloaded it already – you delightful improvtastical folks you. It’s only early days for the podcast and Lloydie and I are sure to smooth off some of those rough edges. We’ve started already by adding awesome music from Foxxie Creations (our very own sound dude Mr James Dalby) – check out his stuff on Soundcloud.

This podcast features some chatter about the improv scene at the Fringe, and a fantastic interview with most of the Edinburgh Fringe cast of Baby Wants Candy, The Improvised Musical. We think you’ll enjoy it – Lloydie certainly did, and I grudgingly enjoyed listening to it alone later. Don’t forget – if you’re in London next week (7-10 September) you have an opportunity to see Baby Wants Candy at the West End – get your tickets now!

Please – have a download and sharing frenzy:

iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/missimp-podcast/id456787505

RSS feed: http://missimp.receptionmedia.com/podcast.php

Podcast home: http://missimp.receptionmedia.com/index.php

Next podcast… chatter about the busy month of October, an interview with David Shore (master of the One Man Harold) and more!

Whaddaya think?

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