“Making connections is as easy as listening, remembering and recycling information.  When patterns in scenes are noticed and played they create continuity in the scene” – Halpern/Close/Johnson “Truth In Comedy”

For the last couple of weeks a small group of us have met informally to experiment with some long form work.  It’s not an official long form team or group, rather a bunch of MissImpers who felt it would be something worth exploring.  What has interested me about what we’ve done is the moments where we’ve spotted themes, patterns and “game”.

These are great moments and they can’t be forced.

I love the moments when your unconscious mind notices something and lets you play to a theme or pattern.  These tend to be the moments on stage that we can’t remember as well.  Whether we’re in a “flow state” or “trance” is another matter, but something definitely takes over.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s still some conscious attention paying going on, but I think it’s down to how the information we get from paying attention is processed that makes a scene good.

Sometimes your gut feel, your unconscious mind and your performance instincts are much more accurate than conscious thought.

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