MissImp Podcast Episode 5: Singing with The Maydays

We are back with the podcast vibe! This time we’re finally bringing you a great interview with Heather and Joe from The Maydays, who run fantastic courses in musical improv (if you get the opportunity you must spend time with them). Also – new feature “Mailbag”. Yes, we want your feedback and having received some we talk about it. It inspires a good discussion. If you’d like to give us feedback, please feel free to comment here, on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else you can think of.

Listen to MissImpCast 5 here:

The lovely Heather Urquhart and Joe Samuel from The Maydays in Brighton visited MissImp for a weekend so Lloydie and Nick nattered with them for the podcast. Other MissImpers feature too. You can also hear exciting show news and our new “Mailbag” feature too. Total aural excitement.

Or grab the RSS feed or download it from iTunes. We dazzle you with options!

MissImp That’s us!
Foxxie Creations Our musical wonder, James
Musical Improv Comedy The wonderful Heather & Joe from the Maydays
The Maydays Brighton’s brilliant improv team
TAO Nottingham Where we hide for jams and podcasts
The Glee Club Our gorgeous venue
Ludus Ludius Our first mailbag entry – Nathan Keates

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