Merry MissImp Christmas to Yule

A very Merry Christmas indeed to everyone!

We’d like to give a big round of applause to everyone who has supported us this year – especially our FABULOUS audiences (we love you, in many varied and interesting ways) – your laughter, snorts and claps keep us going. It is an absolute joy to play to such fun and imaginative audiences. We want to see you in the New Year.

Thanks also to the guys and gals of The Glee Club where we ply our comic trade. It has been especially awesome to have been playing in the Big Room Upstairs for the last few months.

MissImp is far more than just the folks you see on stage: we’ve been lucky enough to have MissImp members willing and able to do lights, sound, door and general bullying/encouragement of new audience people. At some point we’ll let you know who won what in the MissImp 2011 awards…

Thanks to everyone who attends our jams and workshops and hangs out with the MissImp crew. It has been a very fun year for playing together and importing wondrous improv talent. This year the group have enjoyed training and fun with Chelsea Clarke from New York’s Upright Citizens Brigade, Heather and Joe from The Maydays, Klaus Peter Schreiner (from exotic Germany), Kevin Tomlinson, Bangor ImpSoc, Student Improv Nottingham, especially Mr Pete Allott for his keyboard wizardry, Battle Acts!, Baby Wants Candy and a whole bunch of other people who have temporarily (and shamefully) slipped my mind. We’ve acquired a lovely 4 star review from improvising an improv show at the Edinburgh Fringe, started our MissImp Podcast and are entirely loving it all.

If you have a favourite moment from MissImp this year, please let us know and comment below. There is no greater gift than stroking an ego.

Have a great Christmas!

We are back at The Glee Club on Friday 27th January.

Check out the Shows page for other appearances as well.

If you didn’t make it to the last show, here’s some of the fun and nonsense you missed:

Love Ballad for Vicki and Mitch

TV Channels

Silky Smooth

Charity Song

Goats Knees and Child Fuel

Whaddaya think?

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