Learning Improv the MissImp way

MissImp has been part of the Nottingham comedy scene since 1998.  The group has had instruction and influence from some top international improvisers, has a group of incredible improvisers both longstanding and new, and have an increasing and incredibly awesome audience.

Over time, many people have come along to MissImp’s regular drop-in jams and this has built the number of people we have to play with both on stage and off.  We’ve always been committed to building the improv scene in Nottingham and now we’re offering classes to new comers and the more experienced alike.

From now, if you’ve not encountered much improv before, you can sign up to our Improv Beginners  course.  If you’re a bit more experienced, we’re also offering an Improv Intermediate course.  These courses will all be taught by performers who take to the stage regularly as part of our residency at The Glee Club in Nottingham.  These first two will be taught by me, Lloydie in March/April time.

MissImp’s style is a fusion of several sensibilities that have entertained audiences in Nottingham over the last few years and based on trainings we’ve had from a variety of great improvisers from around the globe.  For improv nerds out there, it combines scene-based shortform games with more “open scenes” and the Chicago style of improv.  We emphasise comedy and fun.

We really want to encourage more people to learn improv for their own reasons.  You might want to be a future performer in one of our shows – to that we say “GREAT”!  Equally, you might want to use improv to help your personal, social, work, business or associative thinking skills – and we’re equally excited about you using it for that too.  Whether you’re looking for an exciting new skill for 2012, to enhance your acting / improv skills or want to be the next big thing- you’re very welcome to sign up and enjoy yourself.

Whaddaya think?

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