Extra Jammy Thursday

Thursday 19th January 2012… the day the jam, for one week only, gets a mini-extension.

Same £2 price… but an extra half hour of improvised daftness

This week’s jam is run by Lloydie.  It starts at 7.30 and there will be lots of chances to get up and do scenes with a variety of people.  There’s going to be a lot of “doing” this week.  Lots of it.

PLUS: From around 9pm, Pete will be joining us with his keyboard and we’ll be doing some improvised songs.  Now, some people get a bit “OMG” when we talk about improvising a song.  a) you will not be forced to sing (you can just watch this bit of the jam if you’d prefer) and b) it will be made as easy as possible.  Remember it’s improv so if you make a “mistake” it’s all part of the scene.

As a result of Pete joining us around 9pm, we’ll be extending the jam until 10pm.  If you’ve already made plans for after 9.30, that’s fine, there will be a space for a dignified exit.

So, in summary, lots of scenework, lots of support and a little bit of music too.  Now that’s the sort of jam Robertson’s would be proud of (hopefully).

Whaddaya think?

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