MissImp in Action Friday January 27th

We’re back!

Yes, it’s been ages since our last show at The Glee Club in November but IT IS ON! This Friday sees us return with a show packed full of improvised wonders – our trademark (accidentally typed ‘tardemark’ – speaks volumes) blend of classic games (anyone else love ‘Around The World in Really Bad Accents’?), crazy sketches and maybe one or two songs… We’ve missed it terribly and the team is raring to go – we bring you Lloydie, Geoff, David, Marilyn, Nick and not one, but two special guests – twice as special as simlarly special things.

We have the lovely Pete joining us again on keyboards (it’s his improvised music you can hear on Vicki and Mitch’s Love Ballad from November) and the very talented Klaus Peter on stage. He’s from Germany where he teaches and performs improv – like us, but in German. Amazing.

We are psyched. We hope you are too and it’ll be ace to see you on Friday.

See you there

Book ahead for discounts (it’s worth it now – £4.50 in advance online or £6 on the door. Students always get in for £3 because we love you, and you need more packets of noodles to survive than some of the rest of us) at Glee.co.uk. Doors open at 7.00, close at 7.15 and the show kicks off at 7.30.

Here are some lovely pictures from The Maze last week where we had a nice warm up for Glee. Thanks to Mark Windle and Nottingham Live for the shots!


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