Light Night MissImp on Fire: Friday 10th February

MissImp are taking part in Nottingham Light Night and are putting a show on in the wonderful Lincolnshire Poacher pub on Mansfield Road. It’s a late night show (well late for us oldies) – 9.30-11.00, and best of all, it’s FREE. Yes, that means no pennies at all. You can focus your wallet solely on the array of Real Ales the Poacher has for you.  We’re excited to be part of such a big event. There are dozens of other cool and interesting events across Nottingham town centre which will surely entertain you until the show begins: Light Night Outdoor Events / Light Night Indoor Events. You can download the whole event brochure here: Light night brochure.

MissImp on Fire

We’re putting three new players up with the support and love of three of our stalwart Glee team: David, Martin and Geoff are welcoming James, Brendan and Parky to the stage. Overseeing their show will be the lovely Trilly as compere. It’s sure to be a fun evening of scenes, games and improvised wackitude. Did we mention that it’s FREE? And funny, and improvised, and in a great pub? Oh, good.

Join us on the Facebook event!
Date: 10th Feb 2012 9:30pm
Last Entry: 9:30pm

Venue: Lincolnshire Poacher
161-163 Mansfield Road

Whaddaya think?

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