ImprovJam: Thursday 9th Feb

Keeping rollercoasters on the rails

Thursday 9th February

This week’s jam is being run by Martin.

This week’s jam will be devoted to the various “rollercoaster” games that we play, where the players have to make changes of tone or style during a scene – with hilarious consequences!

In these games (Genre Rollercoaster, Around the World, Emotional Rollercoaster), the switches sometimes happen at the expense of scene and character coherence. This makes me sad, and when I am sad there is blood.

With that in mind, we’ll be mucking about with (sorry, “workshopping”) these games so that they can flow more smoothly.

When we as players can not only make rapid switches in genre/accent/emotion, but create compelling scenes AT THE SAME TIME, we can sparkle like vampires in the daylight and then the audience will give us the love we crave.

Usual place & time:
The Blue Room, TAO Nottingham, Station Street, Nottingham
7.30pm – 9.30pm

Whaddaya think?

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