MissImp in Action Friday February 24th


Has it been a month already? Well a busy one for MissImp with a bunch of teeny tiny giglets leading up to our end of the month rawr-fest at The Glee Club on Friday 24th February.

Come for the comedy and stay for the remarkable strangeness that occurs when your suggestions meet in our players minds. We have a splendid team for you of Marilyn, Geoff, Lloydie, Nick, Martin and Trilly, compered by the impeccably be-suited David Ferland McCullough.

We have games, lyrical bewilderment, engaging and horrifying characters, situations and sketches for you to enjoy. Drink heartily and maybe grab some of Glee’s wonderful foods. We believe it’s Thai food Friday. Nom nom.

So what you could you possiby be waiting for? Book now! We love to see you there and hear the bizarre things you comeup with to inspire our scenes.

See you there.

Details and Booking Ahead

Book ahead for discounts (it’s worth it now – £4.50 in advance online or £6 on the door.

Students always get in for £3 because you are special people.

Doors open at 7.00, close at 7.15 and the show kicks off at 7.30.

Book at at Glee.co.uk.

Whaddaya think?

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