Maximum Playtime Jam

Tonight’s jam is all about playing.  There will be no side coaching, no instruction and no corrections.  Sometimes we focus so much on learning lots of techniques that we never give ourselves the opportunity to try them out… so tonight you’re being encouraged to play as many scenes as you can. Everyone.  Me included.  Make mistakes.  Make as many as you like – coz you’ll learn from them.  No one will be judging and no one will be correcting so try stuff out.

Tonight will be in three sections.

1) Shortform games out of a hat

2) Open scenes

3) Longform montages (basically lots of open scenes off the back of one suggestion)

You’re encouraged to try out everything you’ve learned in different workshops and just PLAY!

See you tonight at 7.30pm for two hours of playtime.


Whaddaya think?

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