MissImp in London Sunday 11th March

Yes that’s right, we’re upping sticks for a Sunday and travelling to far off London, home of tall buildings, unacknowledged immigrant workers and broken dreams. We’re taking part in Impro Fest UK, a seven day festival of improvisation (as the name suggests). The whole festival is at the intriguing Lion and Unicorn Theatre in Kentish Town and organised by Sprout Ideas, Rolling Sky and Giant Olive Theatre Company.

We’ll be joining a host of fabulous improv groups from, well mainly London. East Midlands reprazent. There’s loads of ace stuff to see, so if you’re in London get your improv wick well and truly dipped.

MissImp in London

Our show is on Sunday 11th March at 3pm – MissImp in Action – we’ll be dishing up the usual mix of the hilarious and hideous fast-paced games and scenes for your viewing pleasure. You can book tickets like, now (or call 08444 771 000). If you’re in, near London or wish to travel to London it will be marvellous to see you there.

Add yourself to the Facebook event!

Sunday 11th March at 3pm

MissImp in Action

The Lion and Unicorn Theatre
42-44 Gaisford St
Kentish Town

Whaddaya think?

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