Call For Players

Hello MissImp peeps

We’re taking part in an exciting show in Birmingham.  It’s being run by our friends at Box Of Frogs and it will be an improv tournament between four teams (one from MissImp, one from Wow Impro in Coventry and two from Box of Frogs in Brum).

For this, we’re going to need five players.  If you’ve played in a show in the last six months then please put yourself forward…. I’m not just talking about Glee shows – if you were in that fantastic show at the Lincolnshire Poacher, it would be good to see you put yourself forward too.  It would be good to have some of our excellent newer players take part in this event so go for it.

There will be a rehearsal session so that you can get to grips with the format on Saturday 14th April – and then the show will be on the evening of Thursday April 26th.

If you can let me know of your interest asap – that’d be super fine and dandy thank you kindly.


2 thoughts on “Call For Players

  1. Parky –

    Deleted the dates in error when trying to correct the post. The dates have now returned to the post. Mmm, copy and paste.


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