Having A Ball On Friday With A Special Guest

MissImp in Action – Friday 30th March

Brandon Gardner - special guest from UCB New York

Show week is always an exciting week for MissImp peeps (and, we hope, the MissImp audience regulars).  This week is especially exciting for me for a couple of reasons.

This month’s show sees the return of some improvised songs with the awesome Pete Allot at the keyboard.  Whenever I organise a monthly show I have the same panic attacks about audience numbers, players getting ill, nuclear explosions during key moments etc.  Those always subside once the show starts.

This month I have something else to occupy my thoughts – getting a special guest improviser from New York to Nottingham.  Usually, the train between Leicester and Nottingham is enough to worry about!

Back in January 2010, in a dark, underground theatre in New York, I saw my first ever proper longform improv show.  Until this point I’d only ever seen shortform “Whose Line Is It Anyway” style improv – and I loved that.  This longform stuff where they took a word, or a few words, and then created a hilarious one hour show out of it… well, that was new to me.  The show was called “Let’s Have A Ball” and it had people I recognised from the TV show 30 Rock in it, as well as faces that were new to me.  I laughed so hard I hurt.

Special Guest!

One of those new faces was Brandon Gardner and he ended up being my improv teacher six months later.  When he said yes to joining MissImp for a show while he’s in the UK I was delighted.  When you come along this Friday, I suspect you will be delighted he’s taking to the stage too.  He’ll be the one with the American accent… the ones with British accents will be me (Lloydie), David, Trilly, Marilyn, Martin and our energetic compere Nick.

See you at The Glee Club in Nottingham on Friday night.
Doors close at 7.15pm for a 7.30pm show….
and your tickets are much cheaper when you buy them in advance, online at www.glee.co.uk

Whaddaya think?

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