Improv Jam: Thursday 5th April 2012

This week’s jam: BRING IT ON (more)

This week’s jam is run by Nick.

In the last Bring It On jam we got shoved into making choices we wouldn’t normally make – time jumps, Oscar moments, monologues. This week we’ll be doing all that and more – open scenes and action to encourage the best from ourselves and reinforce some of the work we’ve done with Brandon Gardner over the weekend (oo-rah!)

Really important: we are not at TAO Nottingham this week. Some friends are letting us try out a different room from usual. We’re in a nice place at 39 Stoney St, in return we’re letting them run around with video cameras while we play. Don’t worry, it’s not going live or being used anywhere. This is otherwise a jam as usual.

Different place usual time:

39 Stoney St
Thursday 5th April 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Whaddaya think?

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