MissImp looking good at The Rescue Rooms

MissImp had a funky mini-gig at The Rescue Rooms as part of the Upload Music Festival. We’ve done a few of these 20 minute sets recently and they’re lots of fun, adding a unique and unusual element to the night in question. Martin, David, James and Nick played daft games for a lovely roomful of music lovers.

As the organiser of Upload, Mr Al Draper said “It really was the turning point of the show in lots of ways, giving it the lift it needed!! Many thanks again to you and your team for such inspired entertainment.” Can’t say much more than that…

Here are some great pictures by Daniel Whiston:

 by Daniel Whistonby Daniel Whiston

You can see more of Daniel’s work and more of Upload’s other artists at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wizzolas/

We were lucky enough to also be photographed by Jenny from White Rabbit Photography:

  They’re an outstanding bunch of shots (though not enough of dear David for my tastes) and so many thanks to Daniel and Jenny for letting us share them.

If anyone does happen to have any photos of MissImp doing our thing we’d love to see them! Please tag us on Facebook or email them to us. We love ya.

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