MissImp in Action – Friday 27th April

Back With A Vengeance

MissImp return to The Glee Club to celebrate the end of April (sure, why not?) and the beginning of summer. Yes, it will almost certainly be raining. But that won’t dampen our spirits!

This month we’re throwing Lloydie, Marilyn, Nick, Parky and David onto the stage with Geoff compereing the show. It’s set to be a fine mix of madness, wit and unique silliness.We’re bringing back some games that we haven’t played for a while that are sure to cause our players some pain, for your amusment!

Join us – nothing we do on Friday will ever happen again and we’ll be relying on your inspiring ideas and suggestions to create strange and hilarious characters, comically disturbing situations and unlikely outcomes.

Change? Do we like change? Yes.

This month (and for all shows to come) we’re on an hour later in the evening – so the doors open at 8pm now. We’re trying to remember that ourselves… It does mean some of our players get to eat before the show which is probably a good thing. It also means you get to eat and drink before the show too!

Details and Booking Ahead

Book ahead for discounts (it’s worth it – £4.50 in advance online or £6 on the door).
Students always get in for £3 because you are special people.
Doors open at 8.00, close at 8.15 and the show kicks off at 8.30.
Book at at Glee.co.uk.

Expect more of this:

And maybe this:


Whaddaya think?

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