Improv Jam: Thursday 17th May 2012

This week’s jam: Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me

This week’s jam is run by me: Parky

I would start by saying that this week’s jam is going to be quite workshop-py for the first hour or so.  If you prefer lots of games and quickfire open scenes, we’ll be doing that towards the end of the jam but I’ll be doing some specific exercises first.  And, as I know some people like to know in advance, there may be some side-coaching and stopping/restarting scenes to get my ideas across.  Just so you know!

The exercises will be based on two of the strongest emotions we can use in improv: hate and love.  There will be lots of murdering followed by lots of loving.  And then we may use both of these emotions in open scenes for the remainder of the jam.

Really important: we are not at TAO Nottingham for jams anymore. As with the last few weeks, we’re in the nice place at 39 Stoney St.

New place usual time:

39 Stoney St

Thursday 17th May 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Whaddaya think?

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